Monday, August 27, 2012

Now is a time of great transition. This transition will be different for each of you. You may not recognize how different each of you are and how different each of your transitions and talents are. You may understand better, when you get to a place of true alignment with yourselves. You can’t educate anyone by giving them a one size fits all approach. You can’t live your life trying to fit into a box that someone else created for you. You must find ways to live your authentic life. You don’t do this from the perspective of trying to fit into what others expect of you but by creating a path that is germane to you directly.

People have evolved from a tribal system that was developed to create survival but your true tribe is not always what you were born into. Also, within the tribe, many had unique gifts that they shared with the village. Never have all of you shared the same abilities and perspectives. So, now you are in a safe place to explore your unique attributes and to find your way within that.