Thursday, August 9, 2012

How many of you profess to be pious and devout? How many of you would use this energy to look down on others? We see many, in your world, who would use their beliefs to profess that they are better than others and others must follow what they say. We are happy for any of you who have found ways that work for you. This doesn’t make you better or lesser than another. We would prefer that you each find ways to be happy and fulfilled in your lives. The path to God is open to all who would seek it. There are many paths to God. It is not found in books or literature. It is found within each of you. If you hold devotion to God, it is something that is private and personal. The ways it is expressed in your lives is also private and personal.

True connection with God will be joyful and expansive. It will not make anyone lesser or feel bad about who they are. All beings are in the creation process and all beings are completely and utterly loved for just who and what they are. What you view as evil, holds a disconnect from this pure love. Love is open to all that is. The choice is up to each of you.