Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Peace Be With You! This is something that is expressed in many Christian faiths. We truly wish this for you. This is something that is within each of you. Few ever seek it but it is there. We would wish this for you because we know that when you come from a place of peace, you are open and accepting and you trust us and the Universe.

Your feelings are your own and will be respected. If you truly value something, you must be it before you see it outwardly manifest. It is not about making others into something. It is about truly being what you wish to be. Words, actions and energies must be aligned.

If you truly wish peace, you must be peace on all levels. You can no longer buy into what you see around you. You must truly ingrain peace on all levels. Whatever you create must no longer be through coercion or forced. Allow your creations to be genuine.