Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blessings! We go to blessings to all of you. If you are in a place of limbo and unsure, come from blessings. Too many will go into fear but there is nothing to fear. All pieces are just that. They are moments in time where you must all just be present. When you are truly present you will know how to navigate whatever arises. You are my precious creations and with love you may see clearly. The love I speak of is pure and open. It is not what humans confuse as love. There is no obsession or neediness in the equation. Feel pure love and you will know what we speak of with you. Attune yourself to pure love and feel what that is like. Attune yourself to your true blessings and you will know what we speak of.

When your life is crazy and really busy, take a few minutes to step back and experience something other than what you are in. Go to a place of love or peace. You will understand better how to navigate what is before you.


Yahweh, Moses and the Light