Sunday, August 12, 2012

Each of you had created your life. We hear many complain about their creation. Now is the time to actually make any changes that you would value changing in your life. Complaints do nothing, if you are not willing to make changes. You are not victims, as we have mentioned before. You are responsible for your own lives and creating what works best for you. You are not meant to be kept in your place or made to feel anything other than joy in your life. We have presented you with a plethora of experiences and emotions to allow you to experience a scale but it is all based on our love for each of you right here and now. So, whatever you choose to create is purely up to you. If it gives you joy to complain, complain away. Just realize complaints without actions mean nothing. You may also need to find other people to continue your complaints with. Complaining is draining and tiring to most people who would rather put their energy in other directions. People who move beyond complaining will limit their time with you.